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Streamlining Custom Architectural Louvers with Airolite Qwik Ship

Architectural louvers play a crucial role in building design, providing both functionality and visual appeal. However, the traditional process of ordering and manufacturing custom louvers can be time-consuming and complex. That's where Airolite Qwik Ship comes into play.

Airolite is a leading manufacturer of architectural louvers and sun control devices, offering a specialized program called Qwik Ship. This program streamlines the procurement of custom louvers by offering a selection of pre-engineered louvers that are ready for quick shipment. These louvers are designed to meet various project requirements while significantly reducing lead times compared to fully customized solutions.

Airolite's Qwik Ship program offers a complete range of products that includes stationery, adjustable, combination, narrow profile, acoustic, and storm class louvers produced in both extruded and galvanized steel. Miami-Dade and Florida Code Approved products are available for applications in coastal regions that demand products certified for impact resistance in accordance with International Building Code requirements.

Customers can choose from a range of sizes, finishes, and accessories to achieve the desired look and performance. This flexibility allows architects and designers to integrate the louvers seamlessly into their projects, maintaining design consistency while meeting functional needs. Despite the accelerated manufacturing and delivery times, Airolite maintains the same commitment to superior craftsmanship and quality as a traditional order.

Airolite Qwik Ship revolutionizes the procurement of custom architectural louvers by offering a simplified and expedited process. With its extensive product selection, customization options, and high-quality construction, Airolite Qwik Ship enables Architects, designers, and contractors to efficiently procure top-quality louvers that meet their project needs with reduced lead times.


Speak to your local representative about the Qwik Ship program and what options are available for you project.

Qwik Ship timelines are for production only, and do not include approvals, credit checks, packaging, or freight.





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