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Throwback Thursday | Guildford Town Centre

Airolite louvers played a key role as an architectural element in the rejuvenation of the Guildford Town Centre Mall in Surrey, BC. The extensive $280 million expansion encompassed the addition of a new food court and entrance to the mall. The Airolite louvers are prominently showcased above the curved glass of the new food court entrance. The implementation of segmented louvers across a substantial radius creates the visual impression of a gentle and gradual curve.

Celso Stifelmann, MCMP’s architect on the project was pleased with the final look. “The use of Airolite louvers on top of the rotunda over the main entrance was crucial to obtain the results we are now seeing. The intent on this portion of the building was to give the public a majestic experience, complementing the beautiful plaza. Airolite’s ability to manufacture and install an almost frameless decorative louver with the proportions we envisioned was key for this success. The final product exceeded our expectations, and this project is quickly becoming a City of Surrey landmark.”





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