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Mull it Over

There’s a key six inches of space around the perimeter of every glass building. A transition space that was poorly detailed. Until now. The Mull-It-Over® Mullion Trim Cap stems from our understanding of building construction. We know that curtain wall manufacturers primarily focus on weather-related factors. And we know that interior manufacturers focus on drywall sound insulation which ends at the slab edge of a building. Yet there’s a gap: Adjacent to a building’s interior and integral to the exterior curtain wall is the grid of hollow aluminum tubes that hold the glass in place. And these tubes—six inches of space around the entire perimeter of glass buildings—serve as open air gaps that conduct noise and cannot stop fires. It affects productivity, privacy and safety (including, of course, HIPAA compliance). White noise devices aren’t sufficient; a more comprehensive solution is needed. And now there is one.

- Used when an acoustic rated wall meets a window mullion
- Reduces sound transmission between adjacent rooms
- When applied on both sides brings the wall and mullion up to STC 60
- 1-hour and 2-hour fire rated versions available
- Simple to install in new construction or renovations
- 3 profiles to suit the buildings requirements
- Available painted, clear or colour anodized


Represented across Canada

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