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In every glass building, there's a critical six-inch space around the perimeter that has often been neglected in design. Mull-It-Over Mullion Trim Cap addresses this gap, arising from a deep understanding of building construction. While curtain wall manufacturers prioritize weather-related factors and interior manufacturers focus on drywall sound insulation, the transition space between these areas, specifically the grid of hollow aluminum tubes holding the glass, is often overlooked. These tubes create open air gaps that conduct noise and lack fire-stopping capabilities, impacting productivity, privacy, and safety, including HIPAA compliance. The Mull-It-Over Mullion Trim Cap is designed to address these challenges, offering benefits such as reducing sound transmission between rooms, achieving up to STC 60 when applied on both sides, and offering 1-hour and 2-hour fire-rated profiles. These trims are simple to install, whether its during construction or even after, providing a comprehensive solution for the critical perimeter space in glass buildings.

Represented across Canada

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