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Sound Concepts is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-performance acoustical panels and diffusers, utilizing cutting-edge materials and engineering techniques. From initial design to project completion, Sound Concepts offers comprehensive services including acoustical analysis, value-engineered alternatives, and design solutions to accommodate any budget. Sound Concepts panels are fabric wrapped fibreglass, which are light weight, dimensionally stable and offer an excellent NRC (noise reduction coefficient). One of Sound Concepts best known finishes is Euromat. Euromat is a factory applied, acoustically transparent paint finish that is available in standard or custom colours. Looking for a unique acoustic panel, try Sound Concepts print finish. This allows for the transfer of images, logos, or text directly onto the panel. This is a great option for corporate identity and branding, or even to disguise the look of traditional acoustic panels.

Represented in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario

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