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New Product Alert! ExpandaMULL by Mull-it-Over

The ExpandaMull™ Partition Gap Filler is an excellent solution when noise control and fire ratings are not critical. Partition gap fillers have been used for decades to enable differential movement between the interior and exterior building systems, but their design was past due for an update. Gone are the unsafe, point loaded springs, replaced by upcycled, environmentally friendly expanding foam. Extruded aluminum surfaces can be pre-finished or field painted and are engineered to enable quick installation. ExpandaMull™ is the first partition gap filler to back up their sustainability statements with a 3rd party verified Declare Label.

  • Concealed, expandable foam blocks, made from upcycled material left over from manufacturing, act as springs for controlled expansion and contraction, for easier, safer installation and superior performance.

  • A durable extruded aluminum exposed surface, available pre-finished or field painted, ensures a long lifecycle and high recyclability.

  • Foam adhesive tape doubles as a backer rod for sealant application to minimize installation time, materials, and waste.

  • Four size options available to fill gaps from 2-3/4” up to 11”.

Contact your local rep to learn more or get pricing.


ExpandaMULL Brochure
Download • 158KB
ExpandaMULL Specification
Download • 83KB
ExpandaMULL Declare Label
Download • 868KB
ExpandaMULL Request for Quote Form
Download • 405KB




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