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New Finishes from Dizal

Within the extensive collection of finishes, Maibec Dizal has refined visual elements across 59 distinct styles. These enhancements were meticulously crafted to elevate the wood grain's appearance and produce a truly lifelike final product.

To make it easier for you to specify and choose a finish for your project, all the revamped finishes will now bear the prefix "2xx," ensuring clear and straightforward identification.

104-06 Jatoba Blond 204-06 Jatoba Blond


Will the original style still be available?

  • Yes, the original style with a product number beginning with "1xx" will be available until August 30, 2024.

Is it possible to replace an approved “1xx” finish with the reworked version?

  • Yes, if the order has not been produced or is not currently in production, please contact your local rep for new approval samples.

Do the prices of styles beginning with "2xx" differ from the "1xx" styles?

  • No, the prices remain the same.

Are there any changes to the Maibec Dizal Express Aluminum collection?

  • Yes, 224-04 Burma Teak Weathered, 205-01 IPE Variegated Light and 212-02 Peruvian Walnut Brown will replace their original version.

The Dizal Texture and Colour Library has been updated to include the new "2xx patterns". Please Contact your Local Representative to place an order for samples.





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