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Hendrick Grilles and Grating

Hendrick Architectural manufactures grating and grilles that provide the aesthetics you want with the high functionality you need!

Drainage is required everywhere and is a key part of construction. It’s so common that it often goes unnoticed until something goes wrong with it.

Given the variety of places that grating may be installed, designers have a lot of choice when picking the material. Our grating and grilles are designed to work in high-traffic areas and to minimize the risk of hazards.

Hendrick offers customized solutions consisting of wedge wire or profile bar construction in various styles and finishes. Several product options include:

  • Precise tolerances to meet strict specifications

  • Superior performance in high-flow areas

  • Designs for long linear or curved drainage systems

  • Adaptability to implement lighting.

  • Slipnot coating

With over 145 years of metalworking experience, Hendrick Architectural offers the highest-quality products delivered on time and within your budget. Several benefits you'll enjoy when choosing us for trench grating and grilles are:

  • Durable design

  • Sustainable materials

  • Quality performance

  • Low maintenance requirements

  • Expert design assistance





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