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Plasterform trims
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Trims & Moldings

Extruded Aluminum Trims

  • Largest selection of profiles in the industry

  • Selection of trims stocked in Canada ready to ship - Stock Sheet​

  • Drywall trims, column collars, light coves and much more

  • Clear anodized, paintable or painted finishes

  • Metal trims install straighter and are more durable than non-metal

  • Factory welded intersections and factory curving available 


Gordon Interiors is represented in

BC | AB | SK | MB | YN | NWT | NU

Acoustic Mullion Trim Caps

  • Used when acoustic rated wall meets a window mullion

  • Reduces sound transmission between adjacent rooms

  • When applied on both sides brings the wall and mullion up to STC 60

  • 1-hour and 2-hour fire rated versions available

  • Simple to install in new construction or renovations

  • Available painted, clear or colour anodized


Mull It Over is represented across Canada

GRG "Plaster" Trims

  • Glass reinforced gypsum (GRG)

  • Light coves, cornices, trims

  • Lightweight and easy to install

  • Custom is our specialty, can make virtually any shape


Plasterform is represented in

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Adjustable Partition Closures

  • Mullion Mate closes the gap between partition walls and window mullions

  • Paintable, clear or colour anodized, factory painted

  • Spring loaded to fit a variety of openings

  • Lightweight and easy to install

  • Series 911 end caps available to finish the partition wall


Gordon Interiors is represented in

BC | AB | SK | MB | YN | NWT | NU

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