Club Regent Casino Event Centre

We are proud to announce that the Club Regent Casino Event Centre project was awarded the Silver Construction Excellence Award in the Central Region Interior Finishes category at the annual CISCA awards ceremony.  Thank you to all our partners that made this possible.


The centerpiece of the Club Regent Casino renovation is the new Event Centre.  


Sound Concepts provided custom fabric wrapped acoustic panels.  The panels a both attractive and functional.  The trapezoid shapes were wrapped in two custom fabrics created by the designers.  The acoustic panels are 1" thick and have an NRC rating of 0.85 which helps create the excellent acoustic atmosphere in the theatre.


Gordon Millennium column enclosures were used to enclose the support steel.  Millennium is a unique metal panel that has expanded opening.  Since the openings are expanded front to back there is no visibility straight through the panel.  However, the openings are visible from an angle.  When used with a polycarbonate lens that is backlit with LED lights the combination gives two distinct looks with the lights on and off.  The backlighting and Millennium material adds a dramatic effect to the space that is unique and dynamic.


In the theater the dark bamboo ACG wood grille ceilings were wrapped with 6″ Gordon Contura trims with custom angle welded corners to define the ceiling sections.


The Millenium column enclosures and Contura ceiling trims were both finished in Gordon's ACROGUARD® - High Performance Powder Coat


Architect: Number Ten/Mackay Wong

Canada | USA


@2016 by Rieger Architectural Products

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