Delta Hotel 

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto stands the Delta Hotel where guests can "Expect Even More" from their stay.


The exterior staircase is enclosed with Banker Wire panalized LPZ-62 woven wire mesh pattern in U-edge frames . The mesh and frames were manufactured in T316 stainless steel and were given a brushed satin finish. Once the structural steel framework was put in place, the panels were designed with custom placed mounting tabs and holes to allow the installer to quickly and efficiently install the panels.


The stainless steel LPZ-62 wire mesh panels create a semi-transparent skin for this space to remain enclosed while allowing it to ventilate. The shape and texture of the crimped woven wire mesh provides unique ever changing reflective beauty as the sun angle changes throughout the day. At night, LED lights shower the wire surfaces to enhance the metallic skin appearance.


See LPZ-62 and many more weaves using Banker Wire's mesh pattern gallery.

Architect: Page + Steele / IBI Group

Canada | USA


@2016 by Rieger Architectural Products

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