We are proud to announce that the Club Regent Casino Event Centre project was awarded the Silver Construction Excellence Award in the Central Region Interior Finishes category at the annual CISCA awards ceremony.  Thank you to all our partners that made this possible.

The centerpiece of the Club Regent Casino renovation is the new Event Centre.  

Custom wood acoustic wall panels and ceilings, custom acoustic fabric wrapped wall panels, aluminum architectural trims, column covers and woven wire mesh railing infill panels all integrated into one space for both superior acoustic properties and unique aesthetics.  What makes this project remarkable is the large foyer and theater bowl with two distinct appearances within the confines of the scope of the project.  The foyer has a grand feeling to it, with high ceilings, towering pillars and the contrast of the light flooring with the rich dark wood wall panels and ceiling.  The Architectural Components Group bamboo grille ceiling was panelized in 2′ x 4′ sections to allow easy access. 

The dark and light wood bamboo panels are an integral part of this project.  There is a combination of flat panels and perforated acoustic panels all mounted in Architectural Components Group’s Concerto Wall System.  ACG created new custom Concerto extrusions to incorporate LED lighting between the wood panels.  The bamboo look was carried throughout the theater with bamboo vinyl panels at floor level for durability and natural bamboo veneered acoustic panels above.  

Architectural Components Group collaborated with the vinyl supplier to ensure an exceptional match between the custom vinyl and the light and dark bamboo veneer panels.

Due to the unique layout of the wall panels it was extremely important that the installation be completed successfully.  To ensure the success of the project the Designers, manufacturer and contractor had to work closely during the planning, manufacture and installation process.

In the theater the dark bamboo ACG wood grille ceilings were wrapped with 6″ GordonContura trims with custom angle welded corners to define the ceiling sections.

Architect: Number Ten/Mackay Wong