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YYC Calgary International Terminal

After 15 years of planning, and 5 years of construction the YYC Calgary International Airport Terminal opened for travelers on October 31st, 2016. The new state of the art facility introduces international travelers to a terminal adding approximately 2 million square feet to the YYC Airport.

To help establish this new terminal as an ultra-modern facility, Rieger Architectural Products supplied over 800,000 sf of Alcotex aluminum composite metal panels which were installed extensively on the exterior and interior of the new terminal. The low profile, dry joint system panels are in installed in cohesive shades of DM1303 Metallic Medium Grey and DM1302 Metallic Champagne.

In addition to the ACM panels, Rieger also supplied Gordon-Inc. drywall trims, Airolite louvers, and Merchant & Evans Zip-Rib standing seam roof.

Gordon-Inc’s 314-5/8 and 512-5/8 drywall trims provide a visual break in long runs of drywall. The Contura CA-4 acoustic trim profiles are used within the ceiling system to create definition and a transition between ceiling planes.

Airolite SCH7 louvers were installed on the exterior of the building, and K601 on the interior. The SCH7 is a Storm Class combination louver designed and AMCA rated to provide high volume intake and exhaust ventilation and the greatest level of protection against water penetration.

The K601 is a sightproof louver suitable for louver installations at grade or wherever security and resistance to intrusion are primary concerns. The inverted V-blade profile is 100% sightproof when viewed from any orientation and poses a formidable barrier to intruding devices such as sticks and wires.

Rieger Architectural Products is very proud and excited to be a part of such a milestone project for Alberta, and we look forward to the terminal providing durable and awe-inspiring aesthetics for millions of passengers in the coming years.


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