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Woodgrain Aluminum Battens in over 100 finishes

DIZAL is a manufacturing company founded by a family of entrepreneurs who share more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of building materials and products. Observing market trends, DIZAL launched a new line of digitally printed architectural products, using a technology never seen before in the industry. The result is a revolutionary, ground-breaking product, and the best product on the market!

Dizal's new aluminum battens combine ease of use and spectacular performance. The product is made to allow architects and designers the possibility of creating unlimited architectural shapes. Installed on virtually any surface, whether it be horizontal or vertical on a wall, hanging from a ceiling, used as boards for privacy screens, and more, the battens can be used like any other common wood plank.

Dizal’s aluminum battens are available in 12 standard profiles and over 100 different woodgrain finishes! See all of the finishes here.


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