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Welded Wire Mesh

Banker Wire’s list of wire mesh products is extensive. Every pattern is customizable, allowing us to provide you with the mesh that best fits your needs. We make all welded mesh panels to order per each customer’s specification. With the combinations of spacings, openings, and wire diameter, the options are nearly endless.

Our Wire Mesh Finder features a detailed table with a dynamic set of filters. This tool will help you identify the right welded mesh for your industrial needs. Wire Mesh Finder

The Ornamental Products page displays an assortment of large-scale patterns. These products are ideal for architectural applications and decorative designs. Ornamental Welded Wire Mesh Products

Banker Wire maintains the largest selection of Raw Materials for welded wire mesh. Our selected inventory of wire comes from vendors that always meet our high standards of quality and consistency. To provide our customers with the best product options, we offer a variety of materials for use in both standard and ornamental patterns. Our welded wire mesh is available in:

  • Stainless Steels

  • Galfan®

  • Pre-Galvanized

  • Plain Steel

  • Weathering Steel

There are several popular forms of secondary finishing available for our welded wire mesh. Hot Dip Galvanizing (galv-after) is an alternative to pre-galvanized wire. In this process, submerging the completed mesh panel into a tank of molten zinc creates a long lasting sacrificial layer across all surfaces. Powder Coating is the process of adhering fluidized powder to the wire mesh. This is a cost-effective way to add color to any project. Decorative Plating adds a thin layer of brass, nickel, chrome, or copper to the mesh, enhanced with bright or antique finishes. Learn more about Secondary Finishes



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