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Sun Controls by Airolite

Airolite’s architectural sun control products are an ideal solution for reducing total energy loads and additional investments in mechanical equipment. Shading and day lighting are applied in building applications to:

  • Augment interior light levels to reduce or eliminate perimeter lighting

  • Benefit from a virtually maintenance free passive shading system

  • Decrease energy usage and costs

  • Enhance occupant comfort, satisfaction, productivity and learning

  • Integrate solar input during heating seasons

  • Lower heat transfer during cooling seasons

  • Reduce unwanted solar gain

  • Regulate glare and contrast without diminishing views

Airfoil or rectangular blades are designed to filter up to 80% of the sun’s heat and glare, cut wintertime radiant heat loss and integrate natural light into atriums. Optional extruded aluminum fascia/blade components may be integrated into the design to maintain visual continuity or provide a dramatic contrast to adjacent elements.



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