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Strong. Beautiful. Lasting.

Introducing Ceramitex®. A façade system that simply outperforms. Our large format sintered ceramic facades are lightweight yet durable enough to defy graffiti, scratches, weather, and the test of time. The system is fabricated to your exacting specifications on our proprietary Unity® integrated attachment technology, giving you a complete system engineered to beautify and protect your project. Ceramitex® is North American code compliant and is supported by the Elemex® 360° Advantage.

  1. Code Compliant

  2. Climate Defiant

  3. Lightweight

  4. Large Format

  5. Impact Resistant (

  6. Mitered Corners

  7. Waterproof

  8. Graffiti Proof (

  9. UV Resistant

  10. Scratch Resistant (



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