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SRP AirOutshield UV

As the sun begins to shine, we are reminded to protect our skin from harmful UV rays. But why don’t we think of our buildings the same way?

SRP AirOutshield UV is made specifically for open joint cladding systems where the membrane will be visible and resistance to long term UV exposure is needed. Install as an air barrier, secondary drainage plane or sheathing membrane.

SRP AirOutshield membranes give you the peace of mind, knowing your building is protected.

Have a question? We got you covered.


  • UV Resistant: Resists UV that penetrates through cladding systems. Tested in accordance with the stringent DIN EN 13859-1 European standard which includes testing before and after exposure.

  • High Breathability Rate: Allows moisture within the wall system to dry rapidly, thereby reducing potential for mould, mildew, rot, metal corrosion and reduced insulation thermal values.

  • Water Resistant: Moisture entering the wall system is quickly diverted before it can damage insulation and other components.

  • Durable: Tear, rip and puncture resistant which reduces repairs and related labour costs.

  • Polyester: Provides superior resistance to the high temperatures associated with typical dark coloured cladding systems.

  • Black with no printing on the exterior: Provides enhanced aesthetics for open joint cladding systems.




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