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Narrow profile louvers with up to 70% free area!

Airolite's new narrow profile louvers can be used for interior and exterior applications where a high free area for improved air flow is required or when narrow frame depth and horizontal sight lines are desired.

They are ideal for applications that require exterior grilles for Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning (PTAC) units, and can easily be integrated into curtain walls and window-systems to complement the aesthetics in new and renovated hotels, motels, condominiums, and multifamily housing.

Airolite's narrow profile aluminum louvers can be specified with a variety of custom-color architectural finishes for durability. Airolite narrow profile louvers are available with 30 degree blade angles (Model AC153, 70% open), 48 degree blade angles (Model AC154, 53.1% open) and 30.5 degree blade angles (Model AC155, 45.9% open).

For more than 95 years, Airolite has been helping construction professionals around the world in the design, selection and specification of architectural louvers, grilles, screens and sun controls.

For help selecting a model see Airolite's Selection Guide or contact us!


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