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Metal Stair Components at Hendrick Architectural

Step into the new year with aesthetic metal stair components from Hendrick Architectural!

Architects and designers turn to Hendrick metal stair components to bring their design visions to life. With attractive designs, customization opportunities, and minimal maintenance, Hendrick Architectural components make an excellent addition to many commercial spaces.

Hendrick offer a variety of options for stair applications:

  • Perforated metal panels: Perforated metal material can be used as treads, risers, and railing infill panels for use in stairway applications. These panels feature custom perforation designs with triangles, rectangles, circles, and squares. Their durability and flatness make them long-wearing and comfortable to use.

  • Grating metal panels: Stainless steel wire grating can be used as stair landings, stair treads, and stair risers as well. Hendrick offers resistance welded and profile bar grating in a multitude of wire sizes and slot openings. Hendrick is also able to offer an anti-slip coating on walking surfaces which will aid in less slip and falls in high traffic areas.

Why Choose Hendrick Architectural?

All of their stair components use environmentally responsible materials, and offer excellent lead times to keep your project on track. With expert design and engineering consultants available, Hendrick can collaborate with you to make your project a reality.



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