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Metal Entrance Grilles and Grating

Entrance floor grilles and entrance grates help control chemical and dirt pollutants, keeping lobbies and interiors cleaner, limiting occupant exposure and reducing the use of cleaning supplies. Although entrance grilles have functional benefits, today’s architects and designers are leveraging Hendrick’s line of metal floor grilles to also create aesthetically pleasing entrances. Architectural grating from Hendrick are offered with our proprietary products, like The Profile Bar design that allows for straight or curved configurations.

We manufacture high-quality metal grate flooring systems from stainless steel, and we offer a variety of finishes from which to choose. Added slip resistance can be achieved by applying a slip resistant coating to the entrance grilles. The anti-slip entrance metal floor grates and grilles surpass ADA requirements for the “coefficient of friction” of the walking surface.


Our expertise gives us the ability to create custom metal grilles that can fit perfectly into your space. At Hendrick, we give you the power to achieve the look and function you want in your property with fully customized entrance floor grates.

We have more than 140 years of metalworking experience, which means we’ve seen virtually every type of challenge imaginable. Our fabrication capabilities enable us to provide the highest levels of quality and durability in the finished product.


· Choice of proprietary Profile Bar or wedge wire construction

· Multiple profiles available

· Superior resistance to corrosion

· Customization available to meet your unique designs

· ADA compliant

· Multiple hold-down methods

· Additional slip-resistant coating available

· Carpet inserts available

· Environmentally responsible materials

Samples are in stock and ready to ship, request your grille & grating sample kit from your local rep.



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