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Looking for an alternative to terracotta?

Looking for an alternative to terracotta? We've got you covered! There is a new colour option for Ceramitex that looks like terracotta but is more durable and waterproof.

The Ceramitex Sintered Compact Surface Panel System is an all-in-one solution for beautifying and protecting the integrity of your exterior building project. Our proprietary Rear Ventilated Rainscreen (RVR) System is North American code compliant and engineered to meet the needs, standards and specifications of the most challenging exterior wall cladding projects. Defy compromise with Ceramitex.

Ceramitex Sintered Ceramic Façade panels have a surface that repels dirt, is graffiti-proof and is easily cleaned with soap and water. As the panels are UV- and impact-resistant, they maintain their appearance over time.

Unity Attachment Technology is a proprietary integrated attachment technology developed and perfected by Elemex to panelize, mount and seamlessly integrate a variety of surfaces such as Sintered Ceramic, ACM, Aluminum Plate and other specialty veneers.

Looking for a non-porous rainscreen façade option for your next project? Learn more about Ceramitex or Get in touch with your local rep.

Ceramitex Finishes
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