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LINEA Sound Absorbing PET Backer

LINEA PET Backer is a fantastic, eco–friendly, all–in–one substitute for traditional wood backers and fabric scrims for many of our wall and ceiling products. LINEA PET Backer is a decorative panel substrate offering exceptional acoustic performance with a smooth, fabric-like finish. PET material is semi–rigid, light weight and with its sound absorbing properties, LINEA PET Backer can replace the need and expense for separate acoustical insulation and framing behind the panels. PET material is made of 100% non–woven polyester fiber; at least 60% of which is generated from post–consumer content such as recycled plastic beverage containers which makes LINEA PET Panel 100% recyclable! PET material is non–hygroscopic, anti–microbial, anti–fungal and free of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) like formaldehyde. LINEA PET Backer offers these benefits in a range of colors and thicknesses sure to enhance any interior building space.

PET Backers can be integrated into LINEA Grille, Plank, Mixed Grille, Tegular Grille and Tegular Plank.



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