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Introducing SRP to our Product Lines

SRP Membranes keep water out while allowing water vapour to escape rapidly. They are installed in sloped roofing systems and wall cladding systems to improve their durability and performance by promoting rapid drying. In sloped roofing install SRP under the primary roofing as a secondary drainage plane or roof underlayment. In wall cladding systems, SRP acts as a sheathing membrane, secondary drainage plane, air barrier and in the case of open joint systems, as an aesthetic blackout membrane.

AirOutshield WALL

Is a secondary drainage plane and air barrier behind rainscreen wall cladding Systems.

AirOutshield SA 280

Is a SELF ADHERED, breathable underlayment for rainscreen walls and sloped roofing systems. Installed behind the primary water shedding surface, SA 280 functions as the underlayment, secondary drainage plane and air barrier. It’s a fully breathable adhesive and requires NO primer.

AirOutshield UV

Weather resistant barrier providing a high level of breathability and long-term UV resistance. Designed specifically for use with open jointed rainscreen cladding systems where resistance to UV exposure is needed. No aesthetic, no print for a clean finished looked. Air barrier utilizes seamless UV resistant taped seams.

AirOutshield ROOF

Installed in sloped roofing systems as a highly breathable underlayment and secondary drainage plane. Ideal for use in insulated, slope roofs requiring an underlayment or slip sheet.

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