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Introducing Gordon Mullion Mate

Looking for a way to close the opening between a partition wall and window mullion?

Gordon Mullion Mate is the answer! Mullion Mate is an adjustable two piece,

insulated, spring loaded aluminum partition closure. It can be finished clear or medium bronze anodized, field painted, or powder coated. Mullion mate provides a STC rating of 38 to help keep sound from passing into adjacent spaces.

Mullion Mate can be used in single or double configurations for openings from 2-7/8″ up to 13-3/4″.

Mullion Mate 3 - 2-7/8" minimum to 3-15/16" maximum opening

Mullion Mate 4 - 4" minimum to 4-15/16" maximum opening

Mullion Mate 5 - 5" minimum to 6-15/16" maximum opening

Double Mullion Mate 4 - 7" minimum to 9-3/4" maximum opening

Double Mullion Mate 5 - 9" minimum to 13-3/4" maximum opening

The ideal companion to Mullion Mate is Gordon's Series 911-EC End Caps. The end caps offer a clean finish to the end of the partition wall.


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