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Glass fiber reinforced concrete brings freedom and creativity

Polycon glass fiber reinforced concrete brings freedom, creativity, and natural harmony to architecture. The variability of this material creates the space for the individual and unique realization of each project without any boundaries or limitations.

POLYCON is a composite material based on concrete; the formula contains basic cement, fine aggregates, water, dispersed resistant glass fibers and other chemical additives.

Thanks to this combination, POLYCON has reached exceptional technical features such as hardness, strength, long service life, ductility, and fire resistance. In this form, POLYCON retains its unique physical and chemical features, which guarantee the highest quality of the elements with respect to their aesthetic and functional requirements.

POLYCON glass fiber reinforced concrete can be used in the design and implementation of building elements not only on the exterior but also in the interior design. Thanks to the wide use of imprinted matrices, it is easy to achieve the full spectrum of different surface areas not only for cladding plates and paneling, but also for more complex architectural elements, shaped and space elements and design solitaires.



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