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Dizal Aluminum Battens

Dizal's new aluminum battens combine ease of use and spectacular performance. The product is made to allow architects and designers the possibility of creating unlimited architectural shapes. Installed on virtually any sur face, whether it be horizontal or vertical on a wall, hanging from a ceiling, used as boards for privacy screens, and more, the battens can be used like any other common wood plank.

Fast and easy installation

  • Easy to handle and simple to cut

  • 16’ Standard length (also available in 12' and 8')

  • Maintenance free

  • Non-combustible, non-corrosive

  • Lifetime warranty

Installation is simple and requires no special tools. Depending on the requirements, the battens can be pierced and/or threaded. Various brackets can be fastened to any face and in any direction. Hundreds of possible fastening solutions are available, see installation guide for examples.



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