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Controlling moisture accumulation in wall and roof assemblies.

The most important factor in building durability is the control of moisture accumulation in wall and roof assemblies. Moisture intrusion can result in reduced insulation performance, interior deterioration, mould, and structural damage. Every year the building industry in North America spends billions of dollars in litigation and repairs related to moisture intrusion.

SRP breathable membranes are multi-layer, spun bonded materials that control moisture intrusion and accumulation in the wall and roof assembly. SRP membranes resist water and air penetration while allowing water vapour to escape.

All AirOutshield membranes are rated as air barriers and the AirOutshield SA280 Self Adhering Membrane has been tested as a complete Air Barrier Assembly in accordance with the CAN/ULC S741 and CAN/ULC S742 achieving the best rating of A1.



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