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Canadian Fibreglass Acoustic Panels

Sound Concepts is a Canadian manufacturer of quality, high-performance acoustical panels using state-of-the art materials and engineering techniques. From design inception to project

completion, we can provide you with acoustical analysis, value engineered alternatives and design solutions to meet any budget.

Sound Concepts uses a highly-resilient fiberglass as the preferred core for its products. Fiberglass is a safe, dimensionally stable and fire resistant material with high acoustical properties.

Fiberglass is also a versatile medium that can be cut, shaped or molded to meet the design of your project. We offer a broad range of acoustically transparent and decorative fabrics, vinyls and painted mats as facings.

Sound Concepts offers a variety of different panels to suit your project needs.


- Torsion Spring

- Shiplap

- Lift and Shift

- Canopies, Shapes, Clouds

- Direct Mount

- Baffles


- Impact Acoustical (AP)

- High Impact Resistant (HIR 1)

- High Impact Resilient (HIR 2)

- Super Impact Resilient (HIR 3)

- Extreme Impact Resilient (HIR 4)

- Low Frequency Tuner (LFT)

- Tackable (MAT)

- Reflective (RSP)

- Custom (CS)


- Absorber

- Barrel Diffuser

- Pyramid Diffuser


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