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Introducing TEXTURED Surfaces using SIL Fibre Cement Panels

There are many advantages to going with a Fibre Cement Cladding for your project. SIL Panels have long-term resistance to thermal shock, differential weather conditions, humidity, mould, bugs and rodents. Fibre Cement is made with cement, cellulose mineralised fibers, silica and water – all eco-conscious and environmentally friendly materials.

Producing a wide range of standard colours and a multitude of new surface finishes, SIL will inspire designers’ creativity and satisfy the tastes of more and more customers.

Call your local rep today to see the newest textured samples for your next project!

Standard - hydrophobic treated panel

A water repellent, colourless treatment on the boards reduces absorption. The treatment enhances the natural features of the surface.


Standard, clear anti-graffiti coating

An acrylic transparent finish gives a brilliance and intensity to the base colour. The treatment gives resistance to graffiti, salt fog and sulfur dioxide.

Textured surface - hydrophobic treated

The irregular surface gives a natural colour effect.

Grooved - hydrophobic treated

Grooves running the length of the boards give a wood like effect.

Sandblasted - hydrophobic treated

The sandblast affect adds interesting irregularities to the surface of the panels.

Rigo (Lines) - hydrophobic treated

The thick grooves in the panels give the affect of lines down the panels.

Stripes - hydrophobic treated

The continuous grooves give the look of wood planks.

Acrylic Paint with anti-graffiti coating

Any RAL code or colour match – no variation in colour within a panel like natural cement

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