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Gordon’s Famous Project Gallery and Binder Go Online!

Online Binder

Gordon has witnessed so much positive feedback from their virtual Project Gallery that they decided to make their Binder available online as well! Think of the Project Gallery as a visual museum, an opportunity to see Gordon’s extensive line of products come alive. From completed projects across the continent, down to product application and finish options, the Gallery Book takes you on a tour throughout the possibilities this megahouse state-of- the-art manufacturing facility can achieve. The virtual binder includes a Table of Contents, a Keyword Search that takes you to the exact page, and even sharing capabilities of the entire book. You can make notes on your most used products, or

Online Project Gallery Book

To view the online Binder click here.

To view the online Project Gallery click here.

If you want your hands on a Binder or Project Gallery book get in touch at our Contacts page.


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