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North Central Field House

Edmonton, Alberta

Airolite SCH7 and AC460 Louvers

The North Central Field House is the new home and practice facility of the Edmonton Eskimos. Attached to the South end of the Commonwealth Stadium the Multi-Use Recreation Complex includes the Field House, fitness centre, swimming pool, and the Eskimos’ administration offices.

The $96 Million dollar project is designed to a LEED Silver standard. Airolite Louvers are part of the sustainable design allowing natural ventilation in the practice area.

The design included Airolite SCH7 and AC460 (replaced by AC153) louvers. The SCH7 is an AMCA certified Storm Class Louver with 52% open area that can move 8,000 CFM of air. The SCH7 is 99.6% effective against water penetration in an 8″ per hour rainfall with 50 MPH winds driving the rain into the louver.

The louvers have sloped tops and bottoms and an obtuse angle where the two elevations come together. Airolite designed blind hangers to simplify the installation and provided mitered corner sections for a seamless installation.

Architect: MJMA + HIP Architects

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