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Nantes Market of National Interest

Nantes, France

Banker Wire Flexible Mesh - Dune

Banker Wire’s line of Flexible Mesh patterns provides expanded creative freedom for designers and architects with a material that is as adaptable as its name. The exceptional nature of this mesh allows for uninterrupted expanses of coverage where panelized systems fall short. From free-form hanging to tensioned building facades, Flexible Mesh can be used to create subtle textures, add solar shading, or provide a secure but ventilated barrier, among many other possibilities. The Flexible Mesh product line brings Banker Wire’s famous versatility, quality, and expertise to the table, satisfying the most creative architects’ vision as well as meeting the most demanding performance specifications.

- Incredible range of beautiful woven, welded and flexible mesh
- Weaves are available in aluminum, plain steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze, and brass
- Interior and exterior applications
- Customizable, durable and sustainable

Photo Credit: Codina Architectural

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