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IBI Office

Edmonton, Alberta

Banker Wire S-18 Woven Metal Mesh

Corry Bent, Senior Interior Designer at the IBI Group, wrote the following about using Banker Wire for their office:

“We are an integrated Architectural and Engineering Firm, we are now the largest combined Architectural in Canada and 4th largest in the world…So we wanted to reflect our expertise in our new location. Of course, there is always a glitch when renovating an existing space ours was the low ceilings and sloping floors. When designing the Lobby and Gallery the space planning was already done by others to speed up the process. So I decided to create “Fin” walls, thick walls that looked substantial coming out passed the ceiling dropping down into our space. The materials on the walls would have to be our typical building materials…wood, paneling, stone and steel. We have 4 boardrooms in the main Gallery and I wanted all of them to have a different identity and look. So what the Gallery walls had on them would wrap around and create that flavour for that boardroom…The Banker Wire boardroom is our technology boardroom and it is used all the time!…I’m hoping for the ambiance! So we have a crafted wood wall , a unique architectural panel wall, a stone wall and the “steel” wall. We had just finished designing a project for Alberta Infrastructure in which we used Banker Wire as a wall protection element and we loved the detail and quality so much we decided to use it in the Gallery but as a 3D element.

So we started communicating our idea with Rieger Architectural Products who helped us on the previous project. Design sketches went back and forth and Rieger supplied us with photos of other installations and costing. As soon as we had confirmation of being able to fabricate the material into a 5 sided element we began redesigning the wall using a black backdrop and black brackets…we were able to achieve the look we wanted. We now had a total metal clad 3D Fin wall for the gallery and the inside of the boardroom read it as one solid wall of metal woven material.

The reason for choosing Banker Wire for both projects was the beauty and richness of the woven metal. Everyone that sees the installation always touches and asks what it is…even our own staff (being Engineers) were impressed and intrigued.”

Architect: IBI Group

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