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BellMTS Place Mesh

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Banker Wire S-12 Woven Metal Mesh

BellMTS Place is True North's marquee entertainment facility which hosts a variety of premier sports, music and entertainment year-round. BellMTS place is the home of the Manitoba Moose and Winnipeg Jets!

The recent renovation of the arena features ceiling clouds with Banker Wire's S-12 woven metal mesh and framed with Gordon Contura extruded aluminum profiles. The S-12 mesh is highly faceted with a low percent open area. The mesh in this project was woven in plain steel and powder coated in gunmetal gray. The 4" tall Contura trim is also painted a custom gunmetal gray to match the mesh. The Contura trim is used to frame in the ceiling clouds and give depth to the system. The mitered corners give a sharp precise look to the entire ceiling.​

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