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Acoustic Treatments

Acoustic Wood Ceiling and Wall Systems

  • Many standard plank, grille and panel options with almost unlimited ability for custom solutions

  • Available in solid wood or veneer with clear or stained finish

  • Can be used in wall or ceiling applications

  • Excellent acoustic performance

  • Class A fire rated

Linea Ceiling & Wall Systems is represented across Canada

Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels

  • Very effective at controlling sound reverberation

  • Excellent NRC (noise reduction coefficient) at a great price

  • Available in many typical fabrics such as Guilford of Maine

  • Available in the proprietary Euromat finish which simulates a level 5 drywall surface and can be factory painted in any colour

  • Can be used in wall or ceiling applications

Sound Concepts is represented in AB | SK | MB | ON

Metal Acoustic Walls and Ceilings

  • High-NRC ratings up to 1.00

  • Factory finished in standard powder coat, ACROGUARD® enhanced durability finishes, PVDF paint, GreenWood wood grain PVDF or films, ACROGUARD®-UVX Exterior.

  • Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, Millennium

  • Convex, concave, sloped, undulating and flat

  • Multiple standard perforation panels

  • Extensive options for mounting wall and ceiling panels


Gordon Incorporated is represented in

BC | AB | SK | MB | YN | NWT

Acoustic Mullion Caps

  • Used when acoustic rated wall meets a window mullion

  • Reduces sound transmission between adjacent rooms

  • When applied on both sides brings the wall and mullion up to STC 60

  • 1-hour fire rated version available

  • Simple to install in new construction or renovations

  • Available painted, clear or colour anodized

Mull It Over is represented across Canada

Foam Acoustic Panels

  • Customizable 3D Acoustic Material for walls and ceilings

  • Very good acoustical absorption

  • Easy to install

  • Standard sizes are available for quick shipment


Pinta Acoustics ​is represented in

BC | AB | SK | MB | YN | NWT | NU

Acoustic Security Walls and Ceilings

  • Known throughout the Corrections industry for performance, quality and ease of installation

  • Perforated metal acoustic panels provide better acoustic environment

  • Lighter gauge tamper evident systems as well as heavy gauge secure systems

  • NRC (noise reduction coefficient) ranging from 0.70 to 1.00

  • STC (sound transmission coefficient) ranging from 40-44


Gordon Security Systems is represented in

BC | AB | SK | MB | YN | NWT

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“ Each material has its own shadow. The shadow of stone is not the same as that of a brittle autumn leaf. The shadow penetrates the material and radiates its message.
 – Sverre Fern