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U of Manitoba - Sound Concepts
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James Richardson Airport 2 - ACG
Tuscany Station - ACG
Club Regent - Gordon Millenium
CFB 17 Wing Bldg 84
Edm NM March 2016 (22)
Edm NM March 2016 (98)
JRIA Plasterform (3)
Children's Aid Society - ACG
James Richardson Airport - ACG

Founded by Garry Rieger in 1999, Rieger Architectural Products is a manufacturer’s representative and distributor of high-end construction products.

​Rooted on the belief that quality products have the power to transform, our product lines act as a vessel of innovation.  ​Buildings are no longer viewed as a mere physical space, but rather landmarks and works of architectural mastery in our everyday changing landscape.

​Powered by a strong-willed team, our prime goal is to showcase to Architects, and Interior Designers the difference quality products can do in the overall design of a building. We connect with industry pioneers to assist us in the selection and specification of quality interior and exterior products. ​

​​Recipient of the Construction Excellence Silver Award for the Winnipeg International Airport and a progressive leader in interior and exterior products, RAPL has become the stepping stone to a multitude of collaborations and projects.

​Simply put, our mission is to be the supplier of choice offering the best products in the market while guaranteeing fast and reliable service. We know we are only as good as the manufactures we represent, and thus, we look at each opportunity as a catalyst to represent the best of the best in each of our product lines.